10 Celebrities…in Insurance?

Their connections to the insurance industry may surprise you.
By Leader's Edge Staff Posted on December 20, 2019


Jay Ajayi
Receiving from the bench.


Vicki Gunvalson
In a boring industry? Whoop it up.


Rami Malek
Tribute to old-country insurance man.


Carly Craig
Hot insurance agent gets 252 Tinder hits.


Jerome Cosi
When Jerry is on a mission, he’s on a mission.


Dick Powell
Highballs and suburbia got pretty boring.


Matthew McConaughey
The insurance agent is the most likable guy.


Forest Whitaker
The insurance man was not as appealing to Hollywood as Idi Amin.


Christopher Nolan
His neo-noir psycho killer thriller pairs insurance with tattoos to rattle minds on Reddit even today.


Stephen Tobolowsky
Ya snooze, ya lose.

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