Our Most Read Articles of 2022

A look at some of our most popular content of the year.
By Zach Ewell Posted on December 27, 2022


The Reach of Google (January 2022)
The tech giant’s broad influence drives the company’s multipronged insurance play.


Taking on Big Pharma (April 2022)
Q&A with Dr. Alex Oshmyansky, Founder and CEO, and Ron Harrison, VP, Business Development, Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company


Retaliation Continues…Slowly (February 2022)
The past decade has been witness to a handful of social movements which have not only played a role in a changing workplace and society, but have also impacted both employment practice liability (EPL) claims and the size of EPL compensatory awards. 


Record Valuations (May 2022)
As an ocean wave glides toward the shore, the peak of the wave—the crest—gets higher. Today’s brokerage valuations are riding one of these waves.

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