Emerging Technology

The Coming of Quantum
P&C The Coming of Quantum
As the development of quantum computing progresses rapidly, cyber experts warn t...
March 1, 2023
Our Most Read Articles of 2022
Industry Our Most Read Articles of 2022
A look at some of our most popular content of the year.
December 27, 2022
Into the Metaverse
Industry Into the Metaverse
There’s a buying frenzy in the metaverse. Even brokers are setting up shop.
September 1, 2022
Premium Financing Goes Digital
Podcasts Premium Financing Goes Digital
Q&A with Nolan Steenberg, Solutions Engineer, FIRST Insurance Funding
Sponsored By FIRST Insurance Funding August 17, 2022
Multifactor Authentication: It Is the 21st Century, After All
Brokerage Ops Multifactor Authentication: It Is the 21st Century, After All
MFA is table stakes for cyber security, and with a little effort, it doesn’t h...
July 19, 2022
Self-Sovereignty in the Metaverse
Industry Self-Sovereignty in the Metaverse
Lawyers and regulators are playing catch-up with advanced technology, and risk m...
July 19, 2022
Data Lakes
Brokerage Ops Data Lakes
Making data simpler.
February 2, 2022
Cyber Vandals
P&C Cyber Vandals
Q&A with Mike Andler, Executive Vice President, U.S. Property Leader; and Bill B...
January 18, 2022
Carbon Challenge
Industry Carbon Challenge
Q&A with Daniel Egger, Chief Commercial Officer, Climeworks, and Mischa Repmann,...
November 30, 2021
The State of Insurtech
Industry The State of Insurtech
Leading brokers weigh in on progress made to-date, and what they think the futur...
Sponsored By BrokerTech Ventures November 11, 2021