Mike Patten

Patten is a contributing writer of Leader's Edge.
When Loss Hits Home
P&C When Loss Hits Home
Four insurance executives share personal stories of loss and tribulation, which ...
November 30, 2020
Show Me Your Playbook
P&C Show Me Your Playbook
Carriers want to know sports teams are making major efforts to keep athletes saf...
October 1, 2019
Think Tank
Industry Think Tank
Accelerator programs offer access to innovation.
February 28, 2018
Don’t Tell, Don’t Ask
Health+Benefits Don’t Tell, Don’t Ask
Can genetic testing give consumers the edge in long-term care?
January 24, 2018
Water Wheels
P&C Water Wheels
Harvey may have destroyed a million vehicles. Now what?
October 27, 2017
Angels in My Lifetime
Industry Angels in My Lifetime
Putting aside their own challenges, insurance professionals answer the call in H...
October 27, 2017
Predicting What Your Employees Will Do
Industry Predicting What Your Employees Will Do
Imagine if brokers could sell that to clients.
Sponsored By ADP July 19, 2017
A Long-Floundering Market Finally Hits the Mark
Brokerage Ops A Long-Floundering Market Finally Hits the Mark
For years, poorly designed long-term care policies were also poorly marketed to ...
Sponsored By One America May 25, 2017
Two Different Directions
Industry Two Different Directions
You think your employees are happy? Why are two thirds of them job hunting?
Sponsored By ADP May 25, 2017
Workers Comp Remains Controversial
Industry Workers Comp Remains Controversial
States and Business Press Again to Shift Workers Comp Costs
March 30, 2017
Born from the Ashes of Crisis
Industry Born from the Ashes of Crisis
PAR’s E&O program saved many firms and thrives today, changing constantly to m...
February 27, 2017
A Fragile World
P&C A Fragile World
The convergence of forces bearing down on international markets has piqued inves...
October 6, 2016
ColoradoCare? Colorado Can’t!
Health+Benefits ColoradoCare? Colorado Can’t!
Colorado’s single-payer ballot initiative could eliminate group benefits in th...
June 27, 2016
It’s Still Underwater
P&C It’s Still Underwater
New flood insurance regulations and planned private sector expansion could somed...
May 2, 2016
Who’s Really Paying for Workers Comp?
Industry Who’s Really Paying for Workers Comp?
Employers shift costs to workers and Uncle Sam.
March 23, 2016
WAHVE of the Future
Brokerage Ops WAHVE of the Future
Older, semi-retired brokers are supplying institutional knowledge to their firms...
October 30, 2015
Through a Glass Darkly
Brokerage Ops Through a Glass Darkly
How your clients view you isn’t necessarily how you view yourself. Which begs ...
October 24, 2015
How Money Talks
Health+Benefits How Money Talks
Big Pharma’s hold on Congress and hidden cost structure slams your clients and...
June 1, 2015
Don’t Get Busted
Industry Don’t Get Busted
FATCA police begin border patrol in 2015.
December 2, 2014
The Birds
Industry The Birds
Domestic drones create a vast market for brokers but raise innumerable privacy a...
October 30, 2014
Airing Online Laundry
Brokerage Ops Airing Online Laundry
Much of your personal information will go public in the future, and the potentia...
July 17, 2014
Intimate Relationships
Brokerage Ops Intimate Relationships
How to get closer to your clients and improve your chances of growing your busin...
May 28, 2014
Countdown to Catastrophe
P&C Countdown to Catastrophe
If Congress kills TRIA, it may also cause an economic implosion.
March 1, 2014
Uncertain Disaster
P&C Uncertain Disaster
Workers comp carriers face a murky future if TRIA is not extended.
March 1, 2014
Gone West
Brokerage Ops Gone West
An underinsured Texas town and its residents pay a huge price for their disregar...
September 1, 2013
A Moveable Feast
Brokerage Ops A Moveable Feast
A technologically challenged industry devours mobile tech. Convenience and clien...
July 15, 2013
The Bigger Bang Theory
Health+Benefits The Bigger Bang Theory
How the rest of the world gets more for its health dollar than the U.S.
June 1, 2013
Of Mice and Men
Health+Benefits Of Mice and Men
Welcome to Jackson Laboratory, the most important institution you’ve never hea...
May 1, 2013
Brokerage at the Speed of Life Science
Brokerage Ops Brokerage at the Speed of Life Science
“We’re in an industry that changes so fast, you have to be in the game.”
April 22, 2013
Dealing with Company Fraud
Brokerage Ops Dealing with Company Fraud
Move Quickly, Bring in Help
February 27, 2013
Crooks in Charge
Industry Crooks in Charge
Dempsey Partners eyes rogue talent defrauding their firms - like that small over...
February 27, 2013
A Calculated Risk-Taker Finds Peace
Industry A Calculated Risk-Taker Finds Peace
Not even significant wealth made Carl H. Lindner III happy. So he quit his worka...
December 11, 2012
Pro Choice
Health+Benefits Pro Choice
An insurance marketplace may become the model for the next wave in benefits.
December 11, 2012
The Global Pyramid
Industry The Global Pyramid
Governments everywhere shift benefits to employers, giving brokers major new mar...
November 11, 2012
Business as an Adventure
Lifestyle Business as an Adventure
Argo Group’s Mark Watson avoided insurance, but it kept wooing him back.
November 11, 2012
Call Waiting
Brokerage Ops Call Waiting
A behavioral research groups finds a remedy for prospect-calling reluctance.
September 11, 2012
Brave New World
Health+Benefits Brave New World
No matter Obamacare’s fate, the benefits brokerage landscape is forever change...
June 11, 2012
The Accidental Broker
Industry The Accidental Broker
Hub’s Marty Hughes may have broken into the industry by accident, but his focu...
December 1, 2011