Data Sharing

Exploring the Data Network
Podcasts Exploring the Data Network
A conversation on digital evolution with IVANS CEO Reid Holzworth
March 11, 2024
The Golden Thread
Brokerage Ops The Golden Thread
Q&A with Rob Bartlett, Co-Founder and CEO, and Ken Fraser, Co-Founder and Presid...
March 1, 2024
Going, Going, Gone?
P&C Going, Going, Gone?
Employers’ practice of collecting biometric data from their workers is coming ...
November 1, 2023
Organizing Your Data
Brokerage Ops Organizing Your Data
Data can be the fulcrum of a modern brokerage—if you have a good way to use it...
Sponsored By Ennabl October 1, 2023
Connecting the Dots
Industry Connecting the Dots
Q&A with Vikram Mansharamani, Author and Global Trend Watcher
February 28, 2021
Talkin’ Tech with Patra
Podcasts Talkin’ Tech with Patra
Will COVID-19 be a catalyst for tech adoption in our industry? What ever happene...
August 18, 2020
Now You See It
Brokerage Ops Now You See It
No matter where your data reside, you own liability for misuse and breaches.
July 20, 2020
Trust in Data Can Be a Competitive Advantage
P&C Trust in Data Can Be a Competitive Advantage
Companies that want to come out of the shutdown with a competitive edge will beg...
July 16, 2020
Open Architecture
Brokerage Ops Open Architecture
Seamless, integrated technology relies on the ability of systems to communicate ...
July 16, 2020
This Is Your Data
Brokerage Ops This Is Your Data
Data standards: they may not be dazzling, but we're going nowhere without them.
November 1, 2019