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Rep. Mike Carey Talks Redistricting, Committee Work, and Constituent Concerns

Inflation and fentanyl top of mind for Ohioans; plus an update from The Council’s government affairs team.
By Joel Kopperud, Joel Wood Posted on March 15, 2023

Rep. Carey shares his road to Congress via a special election, how his background as a lobbyist helps him on this side of government, and what he plans to do as a member of both the House Ways and Means Commitee and the Commitee on House Administration. Plus, Wood and Kopperud give us a rundown on the issues they’re tracking for us including updates on the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Federal Trade Commission’s proposed non-compete rule and PBM transparency.

Joel Kopperud Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, The Council Read More
Joel Wood Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, The Council Read More

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