ILF 2021 Cyber Panel: “It’s Way Worse Than You Think”

Understanding data, cyber threats, and both your exposure and responsibility as an organization.
By Brianne Spellane Posted on October 19, 2021

The presentation is followed by a panel discussion of cyber industry experts digging into cyber attack trends, the cyber insurance market and where premiums are going, risk management, and what solutions may exist from a legislative and/or regulatory standpoint.

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0:00 Freaking You Out

28:36 Cyber Panel

29:18 Cyber Attack Trends

34:48 Cyber Insurance/Premiums

41:00 Risk Management

45:46 Legislative/Regulatory Action

49:29 Audience Q&A

Presenter & Moderator:

Jennifer Golbeck, Computer Scientist, Director of the Social Intelligence Lab, and Professor in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park


Rotem Iram, Co-Founder & CEO, At-Bay

CJ Pruzinsky, Executive Vice President & Chief Underwriting Officer for North America, Resilience

Shawn Ram, Head, Insurance, Coalition, Inc.

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