Federal Regulation

Flood: It's Not Just a Coastal Problem
P&C Flood: It's Not Just a Coastal Problem
Consumers, brokers and everyone else are desperate for transparency and clarity ...
October 1, 2019
The Data Access Game
Health+Benefits The Data Access Game
Personal information privacy standards are anything but standard at the moment.
July 11, 2019
Empowering Consumers
Health+Benefits Empowering Consumers
Q&A with Andrei Pop, Founder & CEO, Human API
May 23, 2019
Global Intelligence
Industry Global Intelligence
We continue building influence and sustaining global relationships at the World ...
May 16, 2019
The Apex of (Legal) Inanity?
P&C The Apex of (Legal) Inanity?
Legislative pathways to FDA cannabis approval remain long and arduous.
April 24, 2019
It’s Not Easy Being Green, (It Is)
P&C It’s Not Easy Being Green, (It Is)
The new marijuana economy is, despite federal impediments, the fastest-growing s...
January 18, 2019
The (Continued) Politicization of Employment?
Health+Benefits The (Continued) Politicization of Employment?
There are recent developments in labor relations—good and not so good—that e...
July 16, 2018
Are ICOs the New IPOs?
Industry Are ICOs the New IPOs?
A hot initial public offering was the dream for the first generation of internet...
May 1, 2018
Playing Favorites
Health+Benefits Playing Favorites
The dismantling of net neutrality could undermine telehealth.
March 19, 2018
Family Time
Health+Benefits Family Time
States and employers are stepping up to implement PFL benefits.
January 23, 2018