Getting Personal in 2022

Bringing back this annual end-of-year favorite.
By Leader's Edge Staff Posted on December 28, 2022
  1. Renee Keen
    CEO for National Personal Lines and Small Business Practices, McGriff
  2. Amy Steadman
    Chief People Officer, Newfront
  3. Elisabeth Vogt de Weber
    CEO, Protección Dinámica
  4. Elizabeth Chrane
    Chief People Officer, OneDigital
  5. Jacqueline Roth
    Director of Employee Benefits, Bolton
  6. Bill Johnson
    Founder, Chairman & CEO, The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers
  7. Vinnie Hager
    President, JGS Insurance, Holmdel, New Jersey
  8. Rotem Iram
    Founder and CEO, At-Bay
  9. John Nelson
    Co-CEO, Warner Pacific
  10. Bradley Plummer
    SVP, Employee Benefits, Cottingham & Butler

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