4 Stories at the Heart of 2021

Looking Back to Go Forward
By Zach Ewell Posted on December 29, 2021


Moving Beyond Talk (January 2021)
Integrating minority businesses into the insurance ecosystem is no easy task, but doing so broadens opportunity and builds a platform for sustainable diversity in the industry.


The Business Of Climate Change (June 2021)
Brokers have an opportunity now to get ahead of environmentally mandated transitions.


Rewriting The Social Contract (July 2021)
Employers are preparing to bring workers back. But workers have their own ideas about what the new workplace should look like.


Reflections On 9/11 (September 2021)
The global insurance community worked tirelessly in the days and months following 9/11 to serve clients, tend to grieving colleagues and families, and help build the system for a sustainable future.

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