Kenneth Howe

Role Model
Industry Role Model
Stan Loar’s Great Adventure: The public face of Woodruff-Sawyer keeps you gues...
March 16, 2011
Head-On Collision
Industry Head-On Collision
In professional sports, capacity butts heads with insuring athletes’ exploding...
March 15, 2011
Private Ayes
Brokerage Ops Private Ayes
How does a private brokerage compete in a world of public equity?
January 23, 2011
Cultural Warrior
Brokerage Ops Cultural Warrior
Create a high-performance business culture that defies the gravity of your compe...
January 23, 2011
Richard Canter, Chief Operating Officer, SKCG Group
Lifestyle Richard Canter, Chief Operating Officer, SKCG Group
I had a window-washing business that became so successful the local mob asked me...
January 1, 2011
Family Front Man
Lifestyle Family Front Man
Jamie Crystal is out front for his New York-based family brokerage, growing it o...
January 1, 2011
Women on Top
Industry Women on Top
Women are now better educated than men across the board. It is only a matter of ...
December 10, 2010
Leaving Her Mark
Lifestyle Leaving Her Mark
In her 30-plus years in Washington, Barbara Haugen has seen it all—and accompl...
December 1, 2010
Star Date 2011
Industry Star Date 2011
It’s time to boldly go where no one has gone before: Observations on the past ...
December 1, 2010
Small, But Not Small-Minded
Lifestyle Small, But Not Small-Minded
Jörg Schmidt is the captain of his own ship, keeping his international brokerag...
November 24, 2010