Kenneth Howe

Get Over Yourself
Brokerage Ops Get Over Yourself
Few people are comfortable selling themselves. Here’s how you can make it easi...
May 11, 2012
Perpetuation Financing Fashionable New Look
Industry Perpetuation Financing Fashionable New Look
The old ESOP did not fit well, but a new ESOP with a minority investor is tailor...
May 11, 2012
The X Factor
Lifestyle The X Factor
He can’t acquire future generations, says Glenn Horton, so he nurtures them ov...
May 11, 2012
Trophy Generation
Brokerage Ops Trophy Generation
20-somethings, the best-educated generation ever, want success, and they want it...
May 11, 2012
Hope Aldrich, President and CEO Eastern Insurance Group
Lifestyle Hope Aldrich, President and CEO Eastern Insurance Group
We’re not beholden to stockholders. We’re beholden to our customers, our com...
May 8, 2012
Waiting for HHS
Health+Benefits Waiting for HHS
We wait to create health plans for fear they will violate nonexistent discrimina...
April 11, 2012
Health+Benefits Whitewash
Tom Sawyer persuaded his friends to whitewash his fence. Barack Obama has done t...
April 11, 2012
Fee Fi Fo Fum!
Health+Benefits Fee Fi Fo Fum!
New initiatives could have giant carriers collecting broker fees, but beware the...
April 11, 2012
Lose Control
Brokerage Ops Lose Control
Ironically, you’ve got to lose it to gain it. If you don’t understand that, ...
April 11, 2012
Minority Rule
Industry Minority Rule
A majority of world trade today is in services, yet trade progress talk focuses ...
April 11, 2012