Psychological PPE

Healthcare systems are going to new lengths to protect their people.
By Katie Oberkircher Posted on September 14, 2020
Hosted by Katie Obrkircher With Guest Cindy Van Asten, Partner, Director of Employee Benefits, Green Bay Market, Chris Halverson, Risk Management Sales Director / Director of Disaster Response and Recovery, M3 Insurance, Chris Woleske, President & CEO, Bellin Health
Psychological PPE
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Hospitals contain a mix of employees, doctors, patients and caregivers, creating a challenging environment in which to manage risks. Cindy Van Asten, partner and director of employee benefits for the Green Bay market, and Chris Halverson, risk management sales director and director of disaster response and recovery at M3 Insurance sat down with Chris Woleske, president and chief executive officer at Bellin Health, to break down the way health systems have pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic to remain afloat. They discuss everything from value-based care and employee mental health solutions to consumer behavior and cyber risk.

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