Experts Weigh in on Cyber, Governance, and D&O

Watch this industry panel from The Council’s Insurance Leadership Forum. 
By Sandy Laycox Posted on February 14, 2023

Moderated by Charlie Lewis, a cyber transformation lead and partner at McKinsey & Company, panelists included Arvind Parthasarathi, founder and CEO of Cygnvs, Christian Hoffman, global cyber lead & CEO of Cyber Solutions North America at Aon, and Gwen Williamson, investment management partner at Perkins Coie. They drill down into the role of the board in cyber security, best practices in working with cyber stakeholders, cyber litigation and more.  

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00:00 Introduction

4:11 Role of the Board in Cyber Security

9:33 Best Practices and Pain Points in Working with an Organization’s Cyber Stakeholders

13:27 Best Practices in Cyber Incident Response and Preparation

18:50 Cyber as a Systemic Risk

22:12 Cyber Litigation Affecting Boards and D&O Insurance

32:58 The Future of the Cyber Insurance Market

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