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How JUST Are You?

JUST Capital ranks the insurance industry.
By Sandy Laycox Posted on February 24, 2017

JUST Capital is trying to provide transparency into how our country’s major corporations are living up to American values. In doing so, it has assessed and ranked 897 of the largest publicly traded companies in America, including 46 insurance companies, which it defines as both brokerages and carriers. In total, these companies represent about 92% of the U.S. stock market value.

Companies are ranked according to how they perform against 10 drivers that Just Capital has determined are most important to the American public, based on their surveys of roughly 50,000 Americans. The drivers include worker pay and benefits, worker treatment, leadership and ethics, domestic job creation, environmental impact and community well-being.

Those companies falling within the top 50% of the insurance group can access a full JUST Capital assessment of their performance, including where they fall on each of these drivers, how they compare with the rest of the industry in each area, their strengths and areas for improvement.

The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that the general population’s trust in business, government, NGOs, and media has declined broadly. Edelman, a global communications marketing firm, has been tracking trust in 2012 and has never before seen this type of decline in all four areas.

As we forge ahead in the era of uncertainty, insurance companies have an opportunity to redefine how they are viewed by the public. Whether or not you agree with the assessment, this list offers one view into where you might stand today.

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