Industry the Jan/Feb 2016 issue

Connect the Dots, Texas Style

Use your Council partnership strategically to ensure your future.
By Bill Henry Posted on February 1, 2016

What an honor it is to kick off the New Year as The Council’s chairman. Under Ken Crerar’s leadership, The Council certainly has a lot in store for us in 2016, and I’d like to express my appreciation for all that the organization is doing to help make our respective businesses stronger and more sustainable.

It is The Council’s role as our go-to association not only to be there when challenges arise, but to provide constantly evolving resources to help us better meet the needs of our clients, at home and abroad.

To do that, The Council has been on a three-year push to better understand where we, the members, are making our investments. As a result, The Council is building programs and sharpening resources that align with our respective goals and objectives. It’s a great reminder that this partnership is truly about us and our future.

The Council is building programs and sharpening resources that align with our respective goals and objectives. It’s a great reminder that this partnership is truly about us and our future.

Last year, The Council focused on creating external opportunities that would enable us to work smarter internally. Here’s a snapshot: the formation of the Leadership Academy with a focus on talent development; the addition of two new working groups to home in on specific skills in developing areas; the launch of an inaugural cyber insurance market survey to keep a finger on the pulse of evolving threats and solutions; the restructuring of FAME (now known as The Council Foundation) to support research efforts around emerging topics and to attract college students to the brokerage industry specifically; and greater international outreach to peer-share from a global perspective. There’s a lot to take advantage of.

That’s why this year’s Council theme is, “Participate with a Purpose.” Now hang with me for a moment. I know how some folks feel about themes. As your chairman, one of my duties is to promote all that our association is doing, and I enthusiastically do, with a Texas-sized stamp of approval! But it’s not about participating in every Council program; it’s about selecting the areas where you could use some added expertise and using The Council’s resources to connect the dots.

Whether you’re preparing for the retirement of some of your top baby boomers and want more information on starting an effective internship program or you’re looking to advance the ball on diversity in the workplace, The Council is listening and actively working to make your investment more valuable.

I often say this business is built on relationships, and I think what The Council has created over the years is incredible. My first foray into this organization started with attending a single meeting. All these years later, I have solid business relationships on which I can rely for guidance, intelligence and stewardship, and wonderful personal relationships that have turned into lasting friendships for both my wife and me.

There’s tremendous opportunity in the year upcoming. Thank you for your continued support and engagement. Here’s to a prosperous and healthy year ahead for our members, industry partners, families and country!

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