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Student Recruiting Survey: The Future of Talent

Gamma Iota Sigma reveals what college grads are saying about insurance organizations’ recruiting strategies.
By Brianne Spellane Posted on October 15, 2019

As the industry’s premier collegiate pipeline and single access point to top talent, Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS) is committed to showcasing the industry’s breadth of opportunity to students of all backgrounds. Thanks to the participation of more than 700 students and recent college graduates, Gamma’s Annual Student Recruiting Survey provides several notable insights that may help transform the way the industry recruits the next generation.

Exposure is Key

  • 41% of survey respondents changed their original path, function, or industry segment due to exposure through an internship, campus speaker, faculty, industry day, or GIS event. This is also evidenced in the fastest growing segment among GIS’s membership of 5,000+ students: the 27% who report their major as something other than Risk Management & Insurance or Actuarial Science. The takeaway? Every insurance leader and professional is equipped to shape the industry’s pipeline and future by showing up for students.

Need for Internships

  • While 77% of all respondents report having had one or more internships, 58% of seniors and recent grads report having had 1 or 0, underscoring the need for more internship availability across all functional areas.

Get more results in this infographic, including the importance of prospective employers’ D&I commitment and recruitment strategy considerations.

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