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5 More Tech Tools to WFH

These wide-ranging technologies can set you free in and out of the home office.
By Zach Ewell Posted on March 10, 2021

But until then (later this year? 2022?), many of us are still likely to spend a large chunk of our time working from home. And when WFH beckons, so does the need for me to highlight  more tech tools that help me get through the day.

Snap Drop

Unless you work solely on one device, Snap Drop is for you. Depending on my to-do list, I split my time between my work laptop (Windows Surface), my personal laptop (MacBook), and my phone (iPhone). When it comes time to send files, photos or clips from one to the next, figuring out a seamless transfer has been frustrating.  Until now. Snap Drop is an easy-to-use tool to transfer your files quickly from device to device, no matter what operating system you have. The only thing you need is for your devices to operate on the same internet host.


AnswerThePublic is a self-proclaimed “goldmine” of consumer insight. Using multiple search analytics from Google and Bing, AnswerThePublic provides you with useful content, products and services  regarding a subject you want to know more about. Simply type a word in the search bar and select which country you wish to get the most asked questions from. The website has a two-day search limit but there’s an option to pay for the application if you want to search more terms.


If there has been one key takeaway from this past year, it has been that wellness and selfcare are important. To fight off screen fatigue and general burnout, I took to daily walks to clear my head and enjoy the outdoors. After a year of walking every day though, I thought I exhausted every trail, sidewalk and park near me. Until I found AllTrails. Enter your zip code on and you will be transported to a map of your area complete with hiking trails, running trails, walking trails, driving directions and detailed reviews (some with photos!) from fellow nature lovers. Each result also offers a menu of difficulty, length, elevation, rating and other filters. Just make sure you bring a mask.


I know, I know, LinkedIn isn’t technically a “new” tool, but for me, it breathed new life during the pandemic. One of the biggest COVID-19 drawbacks of my young professional life was the inability to network in person. Enter (or, perhaps more appropriately, re-enter) LinkedIn. If you don’t yet have a profile, it’s a great tool to help you grow your network from home. If you do already have a profile, let this serve as a reminder that you can connect with people in your field (or outside it) with a few keystrokes. Take this time to refresh your account, update your cover photo and add new skills or certificates you earned during the pandemic. I personally use LinkedIn 2-3 times a week to share my thoughts, ask for insights and grow my network.


Podcasts have become a popular medium during the pandemic. Whether you are simply seeking to learn a new skill or you want to start your own podcast, Audacity can help you get to where you want to be. It’s easy to download, offers a multitude of  tutorials, and makes recording  hassle free.

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