Prescription Drug Pricing

Managing Medical Stop Loss
Health+Benefits Managing Medical Stop Loss
Stop loss carriers’ creativity is being tested in helping employers navigate h...
Sponsored By Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance June 1, 2021
Do Bipartisan Healthcare Cost Solutions Exist?
Health+Benefits Do Bipartisan Healthcare Cost Solutions Exist?
A D.C. insider’s perspective on the chances of major drug pricing and ACA refo...
February 2, 2021
David Axelrod
Health+Benefits David Axelrod
On the future of the ACA, prescription drugs, pollsters, and whether Mitch McCon...
January 20, 2021
The Compounding Business
Health+Benefits The Compounding Business
Q&A with Tara Thompson, Pharmacist and Vice President of Clinical Services at In...
January 19, 2021
Compounding Cost Savings
Health+Benefits Compounding Cost Savings
Q&A with Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, Dermatologist and Founder of Skin Medicinals
January 19, 2021
Runaway Freight Train
Health+Benefits Runaway Freight Train
Transparency alone isn’t enough to lower drug costs, but it’s a critical ste...
November 13, 2020
COVID-19 Solutions Fast-Tracked
Health+Benefits COVID-19 Solutions Fast-Tracked
Gilead relinquished its orphan drug status for remdesivir shortly after receivin...
May 31, 2020
Out of Reach?
Health+Benefits Out of Reach?
New models for financing and providing rare disease treatment could make for a s...
May 31, 2020
Parsing the Drug Supply Chain
Health+Benefits Parsing the Drug Supply Chain
Q&A with Eric Levin, CEO of Scripta Insights
April 27, 2020
PBGH Drug Formulary Study
Health+Benefits PBGH Drug Formulary Study
Q&A with Lauren Vela, Senior Director of Member Value, Pacific Business Group on...
March 1, 2020