Lifestyle Technosavvy the November 2013 issue

Tech Briefing Nov. 2013

Will the Password Be Forgotten?
Posted on October 30, 2013

Will the Password Be Forgotten?

They’re soon forgotten, sometimes lost and too often stolen, but passwords have been a necessary pain ever since the first hacker typed in “123456” to break into a secure system. But one of the weakest parts of computer security may be getting an upgrade as biometric identification moves into the mainstream. Apple’s latest iPhone features a fingerprint scanner, and as more phones move to biometrics, that could provide a boost for mobile payments from smartphones, consulting group Frost and Sullivan estimates.

Ready for a Smartwatch?

While rumors swirl about an Apple iWatch, Samsung is bringing one to market. The Galaxy Gear, due out this fall, is an Android-powered wristwatch with a touch screen that serves as a link to your smartphone so you don’t have to fish it out of your pocket or bag. You can make calls, check your appointments and even take pictures if you like. The phone is expected to come with a few dozen apps, including the one to help you find your watch or phone.

Everybody Thinks They’re a Good Driver

When it comes to auto insurance, drivers don’t mind if the carrier comes along for the ride. A Towers Watson survey showed consumers are ready to participate in usage-based insurance and to allow a carrier to install a monitoring device—as long as their premiums won’t go up. The survey showed that 90% of participants were open to buying a “UBI” policy if it wouldn’t cost them more money. 

Cool Apps

Nowadays a lot of the work we do is from outside the office, but that doesn’t mean we have to be out of touch. While it’s not quite the same as simply working with the person at the next desk, social and collaboration apps for business help make it easier for us to work like we’re in the same physical space no matter where we are.

MangoApps provides business collaboration tools with a social media touch. It enables instant messaging and group chat, document collaboration and task management. Free for basic users, per-user pricing for business.

Cisco WebEx Mobile lets you schedule, host and attend meetings, and share files. It also offers private and group chats. Free for basic, monthly fee for business.

Yammer is a business social app that helps you connect with your co-workers and chat singly and in groups. Free to per-user pricing.

Shareplus lets you retrieve and edit your Sharepoint content remotely, including documents, calendars and task lists. $20.

Google Drive isn’t just a place to store your stuff. You can also share documents and collaborate your documents using the app. Free up to 15 GB of storage.

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