Lifestyle Wanderlust the Jan/Feb 2021 issue

Stay, Eat, Do: Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa

A getaway for your mind, body and soul.
By Carrie Williamson Posted on January 15, 2021

Stay > Desert Adventures


>> Located on 400 acres north of Tucson, the Santa Catalina Mountains and Sonoran Desert are the perfect backdrop for outdoor adventure.
>> Rooms have views of the mountains and are sprinkled throughout casita-style buildings. The use of earth tones in the contemporary décor reflects the desert setting. Suites have soaking tubs, outdoor showers and private patios with a fire pit, and “retreats” add gourmet kitchens, indoor and outdoor dining areas, and private pools, making them ideal for groups of friends and family.

Do > Hike, Climb, Ride, Spa


>> Yoga, Pilates and wellness classes are complemented by outdoor experiences—climbing Mt. Lemmon, guided mountain biking rides through the sand and hills, and an array of hiking adventures and trail runs.
>> The unique equine program at the Purple Sage Ranch is very popular. Run by “horse whisperer” Wyatt Webb, the workshops and classes are “for anyone looking to better understand their communication process in an effort to improve personal and professional relationships and bring joy to their lives.”
>> Notable among the spa services are several outdoor massages that incorporate desert ingredients like arnica and camphorous rosemary to encourage circulation and relieve muscle soreness and stiff joints.

Eat > Conscious Cooking


>> The seasonal menu at the Cactus Flower Restaurant features dishes prepared with farm-fresh ingredients, with 80% being plant-based and 20% being protein-based, which can be enjoyed with a creative cocktail or glass of wine.
>> “Conscious Cooking” classes offer hands-on experiences like learning how to prepare the spa’s delicious soups, sauces and, yes, pastries so you can sustain your healthy eating habits when you return home.

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