Lifestyle the July/August 2015 issue

Bon Vivant, Hacker, Bon Vivant, Troublemaker

You don’t even need to have something I want. I do it because I can.
By Chris Hann Posted on July 28, 2015
Ok, so, you’ve successfully hacked this issue of Leader’s Edge. What did you have to prove?
I believe I proved it.

Fine. I guess you did. Then, why?
Why not?

I see  your point.  Hmm, I’m going  to assume you must  have  co-workers. What would they  be surprised to learn  about  you?

Any mentors to speak of? This isn’t really  going  the way  these interviews usually do…
Mentors? Are you kidding?

Let me try a different direction…were you a juvenile delinquent?
You might say that.

You know the business community despises you. Does anyone like you?
Not enough

Any idea what  you’ve  cost businesses throughout the world?
Not enough.

Since  I’m asking these questions— pointlessly it seems—for an insurance industry publication, I have  to ask the obvious question: What about all the insurance companies that have  to deal with  your aftermath?
What do I care?

Well,  they care.
And your point?

This is going nowhere quickly. How about this: Will you ever stop?
Will there ever be someone smarter than me?

Am I correct  in assuming even  though you accessed all our information, you’re not going  to give up anything about yourself?
[He flashes a devilish grin.]

I’m going  to try one last question. Anything, anything at all that you are willing to say to our readers? Everyone else  tells  us what  gives them their leader’s edge in this industry. How about you?
I have the power to take it all away.



Age: It’s my secret

Hometown: Private information

Family: Millions of children, ages 10-99

Last Book Read: Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous (“A real page-turner!”)

Wheels: Aeron chair by Herman Miller (“Considering the hours I spend in it, I demand the best.”)

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