It’s Very Much a Numbers Game

Did someone say midterms?
By Joel Wood, Joel Kopperud, Blaire Bartlett Posted on October 8, 2022

As we quickly approach the midterm elections, The Council’s government affairs team—Joel Wood, Joel Kopperud, and Blaire Bartlett—dive into all things happening on the Hill, with a keen focus on issues including climate, healthcare, inflation, funding the government, data privacy and cyber insurance, and what it all means for the commercial insurance brokerage community.

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0:00 Introduction

0:12 Midterm Musings: The Numbers Matter

9:58 Lame Duck Season: What’s on the Menu?

15:17 What’s Ahead for the Next Congress?

Joel Wood Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, The Council Read More
Joel Kopperud Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, The Council Read More

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