Next Generation Medicine: Specialty Drug Costs, Data & Supply Chain

The latest specialty drug cost management levers that employers and plan sponsors are considering to deliver meaningful cost savings and improved patient outcomes.
By Katie King Posted on September 15, 2021

At the same time, clinical advancements have allowed for the creation of cures and treatments for a number of chronic illnesses and previously untreatable diseases.

Watch the panel discussion from The Council’s Employee Benefits Leadership Forum, which examines contracting strategies, plan design and personalized medicine.


Chris Crawford, Chief Growth Officer, Vivio Health

Joshua Fredell, PharmD, Vice President, Product Development, CVS Health

Laura Jester, Senior Director, Specialty/Pharmacy Solutions, Navitus Health Solutions

Scott Musial, Chief Pharmacy Officer, Rightway Healthcare

Moderated by: Ryan Rice, Principal & Practice Leader, Prism Health Strategists

Katie King Vice President, Health Policy & Strategy, The Council Read More

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