Self-Sovereignty in the Metaverse
Lawyers and regulators are playing catch-up with advanced technology, and risk managers should be in the know.
Wanderlust: Jamaica
Lifestyle Wanderlust: Jamaica
Feel the rhythm of this pure delight of an island.

Brokerage Ops Multifactor Authentication: It Is the 21st Century, After All
MFA is table stakes for cyber security, and with a little effort, it doesn’t h…
A Total Population Solution
Health+Benefits A Total Population Solution
It’s time to rethink employee benefits for the growing gig economy.
Parametric Flood Cover Rolling In
P&C Parametric Flood Cover Rolling In
Q&A with Adam Rimmer, Co-Founder and CEO, FloodFlash
Parametrics as a Service
P&C Parametrics as a Service
Q&A with Inder-Jeet Gujral, Founder and CEO, Machine Cover
Industry Decentralized Danger
Managing risk in decentralized finance is the newest cyber challenge.
Industry Insurance–but Not as We Know It
There’s an explosion of parametric insurance, which is triggered by unbiased m…
P&C War on Five Fronts
The war in Ukraine has exacerbated global economic woes, bringing five lines int…
P&C Getting the Cyber House in Order
Q&A with Brian Fritton, Founder and CEO, Havoc Shield
P&C Katie, Bar the Door
Understanding the motivations and methods of hackers.
Podcasts Personal Lines with Bill Johnson
A conversation with the founder, chairman and CEO of The Liberty Company Insuran…
Podcasts A “TurboTax” for Cyber Hygiene
Q&A with Brian Fritton, Founder and CEO, Havoc Shield
Podcasts Walking the Walk on ESG
A conversation with Joe Tocco, Chief Executive Officer of the Americas, AXA XL
Sponsored By AXA XL