Russ Banham

Banham is a Pulitzer-nominated financial journalist and author.
Similar, Yet Different Too
Health+Benefits Similar, Yet Different Too
Q&A with Jason Hopper, Associate Director of Industry Research and Analytics, AM...
May 28, 2023
Discussions Ongoing
Health+Benefits Discussions Ongoing
The letters between the NAIC and U.S. Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committ...
May 28, 2023
Living with Private-Equity Owned Life Insurance
Health+Benefits Living with Private-Equity Owned Life Insurance
Tensions surface between investors looking for quick gains and policyholders exp...
May 28, 2023
Sunny Skies Ahead?
P&C Sunny Skies Ahead?
Can a tort reform bill stop Florida's much-needed insurance market from sinking?...
April 2, 2023
SB 2-A At a Glance
P&C SB 2-A At a Glance
A breakdown of the recently signed Florida legislation.
April 2, 2023
Kick-Starting the Next Wave of Risk Mitigation
P&C Kick-Starting the Next Wave of Risk Mitigation
Could Ian be the next Andrew?
April 2, 2023
Ransoming the Insurance Industry
P&C Ransoming the Insurance Industry
Strict underwriting may be helping with severity of ransomware claims.
March 3, 2023
Backstopping Losses
P&C Backstopping Losses
Federal government requests information on cyber government backstop.
March 3, 2023
Systemic Threat Landscape
P&C Systemic Threat Landscape
A systemic cyber event could be triggered in multiple ways.
March 3, 2023
Prickly Peril
P&C Prickly Peril
The fast growing cyber market is on a collision course with constrained capital,...
March 1, 2023
The Next Asbestos
P&C The Next Asbestos
Following a federal proposal to designate two PFAS compounds as hazardous substa...
January 17, 2023
Breaking the Cycle
P&C Breaking the Cycle
As insurance markets for complicated risk remain firm, many are opting out…and...
September 29, 2022
War on Five Fronts
P&C War on Five Fronts
The war in Ukraine has exacerbated global economic woes, bringing five lines int...
July 19, 2022
The Big Dogs of Cyber
Brokerage Ops The Big Dogs of Cyber
Help wanted signs placard the insurance industry’s infosec space, but qualifie...
April 1, 2022
The Reach of Google
Industry The Reach of Google
The tech giant’s broad influence drives the company’s multipronged insurance...
January 18, 2022
Rooting Out the Artificial in Artificial Intelligence
Industry Rooting Out the Artificial in Artificial Intelligence
Insurers come under scrutiny for potentially biased underwriting and claims prac...
September 30, 2021
Building the Business Framework
P&C Building the Business Framework
Climate change to play critical role in SEC’s policy and compliance agenda goi...
June 1, 2021
The Business of Climate Change
P&C The Business of Climate Change
Brokers have an opportunity now to get ahead of environmentally mandated transit...
June 1, 2021
Patching Up the Oil Patch
P&C Patching Up the Oil Patch
Pressure mounts to mitigate harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
June 1, 2021
Combine, Consolidate, Conquer
Industry Combine, Consolidate, Conquer
Brokerages buying brokerages is an unstoppable trend.
May 2, 2021
Rethinking the Supply Chain
P&C Rethinking the Supply Chain
Indie Source avoids global supply chain bottlenecks with small-quantity, locally...
January 20, 2021
Stopped Cold
P&C Stopped Cold
As global supply chains unraveled, trade credit insurance dried up, leaving some...
January 20, 2021
One Nonprofit’s Arduous Journey to Secure Insurance
P&C One Nonprofit’s Arduous Journey to Secure Insurance
Commercial insurers reject coverage for Black Lives Matter.
September 30, 2020
Few Places to Turn
P&C Few Places to Turn
Community nonprofits collide with insurance availability.
September 30, 2020
Down the Rabbit Hole
Industry Down the Rabbit Hole
We have enough data to make accurate predictions. But we have to trust it.
July 20, 2020
Breaking the Rules
P&C Breaking the Rules
COVID-19 puts Business Interruption coverage front and center.
May 1, 2020
Searching for True North
P&C Searching for True North
We may be social distancing, but clients and legislators are turning to brokers ...
April 28, 2020
Uncle Sam’s Promise
P&C Uncle Sam’s Promise
Reauthorization is all well and good, but the U.S. terrorism-loss backstop has y...
April 28, 2020
Is PRIA the Answer?
P&C Is PRIA the Answer?
The proposed bill responds to the lack of insurance coverages absorbing the busi...
April 28, 2020
Back in Fashion
Industry Back in Fashion
Great wealth and greater risk drive growth and M&A in personal lines.
April 1, 2020
You Are What You Eat
P&C You Are What You Eat
PFAS are chemicals widely used in consumer products. They’ve made their way in...
January 21, 2020
When Leadership Fails
P&C When Leadership Fails
The D&O liability insurance market is seeing tougher times as executives and the...
August 30, 2019
D&O Market Hardens
P&C D&O Market Hardens
Increased claims and litigation are driving up rates for directors and officers ...
August 30, 2019
Silent No More
P&C Silent No More
Cyber claims made under traditional P&C policies that may be silent on the subje...
July 23, 2019
Warring Factions
P&C Warring Factions
Citing war and terrorism exclusions for cyber claims could gut the protection.
July 23, 2019
The Art of the Acquisition
Industry The Art of the Acquisition
Carriers are combining M&A and strategic investments to improve their access to ...
March 28, 2019
Quake Queller
P&C Quake Queller
A new technology called the seismic muffler brings new hope for reducing earthqu...
March 1, 2019
Dark Angel
Industry Dark Angel
San Francisco wants insurers to cut ties with coal, oil and tar sands industries...
October 31, 2018
Can We Bear the Cost?
P&C Can We Bear the Cost?
The planet is warming. How can we prepare?
September 28, 2018
Trust, It’s Verified
Industry Trust, It’s Verified
The RiskBlock Alliance is bringing together industry competitors who are working...
July 18, 2018
Data Marketplace
Industry Data Marketplace
By sharing granular risk data in an open market, brokerages and carriers can eli...
July 18, 2018
Playing Favorites
Health+Benefits Playing Favorites
The dismantling of net neutrality could undermine telehealth.
March 19, 2018
Virtual House Calls
Health+Benefits Virtual House Calls
Telemed saves money and means the doctor is always in.
February 28, 2018
Meet Algorithm, Your New Partner
Brokerage Ops Meet Algorithm, Your New Partner
Brokers are investing in automation. Is cognitive computing next?
October 2, 2017
What If?
P&C What If?
The internet goes dark
October 2, 2017
Guess Who’s Watching
P&C Guess Who’s Watching
A new cyber-security center aims to be the clearinghouse for cyber information, ...
July 19, 2017
The Evolution of War
P&C The Evolution of War
Not even war appears capable of killing the cyber insurance market.
July 19, 2017
What's Up with Watson?
Industry What's Up with Watson?
IBM’s famous machine has gotten some bad press recently. What’s gone wrong?
July 11, 2017
Startups Startin’ Somethin’
Industry Startups Startin’ Somethin’
Insurtech incites business revolution. It won't be long before insurtech is driv...
February 28, 2017
The Payoff
Industry The Payoff
The FBI says don’t, but there are compelling reasons to pay hackers a ransom. ...
January 23, 2017
Peer Pressure
Industry Peer Pressure
Peer-to-peer insurance is all about throwing spaghetti against the wall to see w...
November 30, 2016
Chain Reaction
Industry Chain Reaction
Blockchain may be in your future, but do you want to lead the charge?
October 24, 2016
Data, Data Everywhere
Brokerage Ops Data, Data Everywhere
Capture your future and grow your business by harnessing available data.
July 26, 2016
The Yin and Yang of Cloud Computing
Brokerage Ops The Yin and Yang of Cloud Computing
Ditching expensive in-house legacy systems could be like cutting loose an anchor...
July 26, 2016
Almost Human
Industry Almost Human
Supercomputer Watson actually grows wiser as it gathers data, leaving a trail of...
May 2, 2016
Digital Mind Field
P&C Digital Mind Field
The Internet of Things blurs fault lines as it shifts personal risk to commercia...
April 30, 2016
A Lot of Room to Grow
Industry A Lot of Room to Grow
A California broker finds a way to make a profit quoting small-business coverage...
February 1, 2016
The Promised Land
Industry The Promised Land
As we approach producer licensing nirvana, the NAIC’s National Insurance Produ...
October 30, 2015
Behind the Shift in Pricing
Industry Behind the Shift in Pricing
Data analytics is causing historic changes in the marketplace.
October 24, 2015
Employee Analytics
Health+Benefits Employee Analytics
New innovations in employee benefits analysis are changing pricing and underwrit...
July 28, 2015
Hooking Up
Industry Hooking Up
Brokers and carriers play Match Game using new analytics to determine compatibil...
July 28, 2015
Predicting the Future
Industry Predicting the Future
Unleashing the power of predictive modeling into broader uses shows great potent...
July 28, 2015
Data Don’t Lie
Industry Data Don’t Lie
Data analytics will soon redefine your business.
July 28, 2015
Hacked and Damaged
Industry Hacked and Damaged
YOU. HAVE. BEEN. HACKED. Are you prepared?
July 28, 2015
Pub, Pool Table and Starbucks Next to the Water Cooler
Brokerage Ops Pub, Pool Table and Starbucks Next to the Water Cooler
Brokers attract prospective clients as well as talent with a new office profile....
May 29, 2015
Cultivating Your Edge
Brokerage Ops Cultivating Your Edge
An effective culture helps your firm recruit top talent, helps that talent retai...
May 29, 2015
Industry Googlezilla
Replete with capital and data, Internet giants prepare to devour the insurance i...
January 22, 2015
Family Plans
Industry Family Plans
What’s next for your clients? Conflicting state and federal laws turn sex marr...
November 27, 2014
Employee Shades of Gray
Brokerage Ops Employee Shades of Gray
Fictitious Marriages, Domestic Partners and Civil Unions
October 28, 2014
Opposites Attract
Brokerage Ops Opposites Attract
Management vows to marry its benefits and property-casualty sides. It’s not as...
May 28, 2014
Rebel with a Cause
Industry Rebel with a Cause
When Tom Leonardi aired the NAIC’s dirty laundry, he drew attention to a rift ...
April 1, 2014