Michael Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick is technology editor and a contributing writer.
AI Reads the Fine Print 
Industry AI Reads the Fine Print 
Q&A with Lisa Paul, Chief Strategy Officer, Transportation, Hub International.
September 27, 2023
Protecting Trade Secrets 
P&C Protecting Trade Secrets 
Q&A with Mary Guzman, Founder and CEO, Crown Jewel Insurance
August 30, 2023
Biotech with a Side of Insurance
P&C Biotech with a Side of Insurance
Q&A with Vishaal Bhuyan, CEO, Aanika Biosciences
July 17, 2023
Fraud Vision 
Industry Fraud Vision 
Q&A with Marc de Beaucorps, CEO and Co-Founder, Finovox
May 28, 2023
Mopping Up
P&C Mopping Up
Q&A with Dean Fung-A-Wing, Co-Founder and CEO, Kairos
April 30, 2023
Solar Gets Hot
P&C Solar Gets Hot
Q&A with Jason Kaminsky, CEO of kWh Analytics
April 2, 2023
Cloud Cover
P&C Cloud Cover
Q&A with Jonathan Hatzor, CEO and Co-Founder, Parametrix
March 1, 2023
Space Litter
P&C Space Litter
Q&A with David Wade, Space Underwriter, Atrium
January 17, 2023
Imagery and AI Improve Cat Claims and Prevention
P&C Imagery and AI Improve Cat Claims and Prevention
Q&A with David Tobias, Co-Founder and COO, Betterview
December 1, 2022
Building a Foundation for Optimizing Insurance
Brokerage Ops Building a Foundation for Optimizing Insurance
Q&A with David Wald, CEO and Co-Founder, Aclaimant
November 1, 2022
Insurtech 2.0
P&C Insurtech 2.0
Q&A with John Horneff, Founder, Noldor
September 29, 2022
Sparking Innovation
Industry Sparking Innovation
Q&A with Hilario Itriago, Chairman, LATAM Insurtech Accelerator
Sponsored By BrokerTech Ventures September 1, 2022
Info Jam
Brokerage Ops Info Jam
Q&A with Joseph D’Souza, CEO, ProNavigator
July 19, 2022
Modeling Health Disparities
Health+Benefits Modeling Health Disparities
Q&A with Khris Dai, Senior Health Actuary, Aon, and Shelly MacConnell, VP, Healt...
May 31, 2022
Parametric Flood Cover Rolling In
P&C Parametric Flood Cover Rolling In
Q&A with Adam Rimmer, Co-Founder and CEO, FloodFlash
May 1, 2022
A View into the Cloud
P&C A View into the Cloud
Q&A with Isabelle Dumont, SVP of Marketing and Technology Partners, Cowbell Cybe...
April 1, 2022
Safety Standards in the Middle Market
P&C Safety Standards in the Middle Market
Q&A with David Fontain, CEO and Co-Founder, Foresight
February 28, 2022
What Isn’t Possible?
Brokerage Ops What Isn’t Possible?
Leading brokerages are mounting tech-led initiatives to break through old limits...
February 28, 2022
Cyber Vandals
P&C Cyber Vandals
Q&A with Mike Andler, Executive Vice President, U.S. Property Leader; and Bill B...
January 18, 2022
Burning Hotter
Industry Burning Hotter
Insured losses from California wildfires totaled more than $30 billion in the 20...
November 30, 2021
Carbon Challenge
Industry Carbon Challenge
Q&A with Daniel Egger, Chief Commercial Officer, Climeworks, and Mischa Repmann,...
November 30, 2021
Digitizing Distribution in Local Markets
Brokerage Ops Digitizing Distribution in Local Markets
Q&A with Julian Teicke, CEO, wefox
November 1, 2021
Money Milestone
Industry Money Milestone
Insurtech funding soars to new record in 2021.
September 30, 2021
Embeds Get Hot
P&C Embeds Get Hot
Q&A with Dave Brune, President, Americas, Cover Genius
August 31, 2021
Digital Turn-Off
P&C Digital Turn-Off
Worker safety devices may need to upgrade to 5G.
August 31, 2021
Africa’s Insurtech Ecosystem Reaching Inflection Point
Industry Africa’s Insurtech Ecosystem Reaching Inflection Point
Q&A with Tunde Salako, Co-Founder, Africa Insurtech Rising
July 20, 2021
Green Shoots
Industry Green Shoots
Insurtechs in Africa are seeing helpful societal trends and big funding rounds.
July 20, 2021
Cloud Care
Health+Benefits Cloud Care
AXA and Microsoft partner to build a digital healthcare platform.
June 1, 2021
Hurricane Helper
P&C Hurricane Helper
Q&A with Olav Hollingsaeter, Founder and CEO, OceanTherm
June 1, 2021
Opportunities Ahead
Industry Opportunities Ahead
Q&A with Dan Keough, Co-CEO BrokerTech Ventures, Chairman & CEO Holmes Murphy; E...
May 2, 2021
Insurtech Shopping Spree
Industry Insurtech Shopping Spree
SPACs, private equity, and even a digital insurer are among the buyers.
May 2, 2021
Tech Investor
Brokerage Ops Tech Investor
Q&A with Greg Williams, Co-Founder and CEO, Acrisure
March 31, 2021
Health Tech Debutantes
Health+Benefits Health Tech Debutantes
Recent funding rounds indicate investor interest.
March 26, 2021
Senior Living Facility Warning Flags
P&C Senior Living Facility Warning Flags
Technology helps predict COVID-19 outbreaks.
February 28, 2021
Taming the Casualty Industry
P&C Taming the Casualty Industry
Q&A with Robert Reville, CEO, Praedicat
February 16, 2021
Instant Underwriting
P&C Instant Underwriting
Q&A with Mark Allan, Chief Executive Officer, Ki Insurance; Group Chief Financia...
January 15, 2021
Chutzpah: Why You Need an “Unstoppable” Mindset
P&C Chutzpah: Why You Need an “Unstoppable” Mindset
Uri Adoni, author of “The Unstoppable Startup: Mastering Israel’s Secret Rul...
November 30, 2020
Getting in Gear
P&C Getting in Gear
Telematics usage is gaining traction in auto coverage.
November 30, 2020
New Parameters
P&C New Parameters
Lloyd’s addresses business interruption.
October 29, 2020
Li-ion Tamer
P&C Li-ion Tamer
Q&A with Ryan Fogelman, VP of Fire Protections Solutions, Fire Rover
October 28, 2020
AI Gets Into the (Golf) Swing
P&C AI Gets Into the (Golf) Swing
...but golf is still hard.
September 24, 2020
Parametrics as a Service
P&C Parametrics as a Service
Q&A with Inder-Jeet Gujral, Founder and CEO, Machine Cover
September 22, 2020
On the Road
P&C On the Road
Q&A with Johnny McCord, CEO and Founder, Loadsure; Jon Hamilton, ArgoGlobal, Cla...
August 25, 2020
Pet Unicorns
P&C Pet Unicorns
Lemonade launches coverage for cats and dogs in 33 states.
August 25, 2020
Digital Divide
P&C Digital Divide
Digital is more important than ever.
August 25, 2020
Come in, We're Open
Industry Come in, We're Open
Can insurtechs help their clients survive the new normal?
July 20, 2020
Parametric Flood Cover Makes Its Mark
P&C Parametric Flood Cover Makes Its Mark
Q&A with Adam Rimmer, Co-Founder, FloodFlash
July 9, 2020
Uncertainty Outbreak
Health+Benefits Uncertainty Outbreak
New tools shed light on pandemic modeling.
May 31, 2020
Gig Workers Face Big Changes Due to COVID-19
P&C Gig Workers Face Big Changes Due to COVID-19
Q&A with Jay Bregman, Co-Founder and CEO, Thimble
April 27, 2020
Crypto Cover and Government Risk
P&C Crypto Cover and Government Risk
The lack of a way to secure and move cryptoassets could stifle development of th...
April 27, 2020
We're Definitely Curious
Industry We're Definitely Curious
Brokerages want to check an insurtech’s industry conformation before buying th...
April 1, 2020
Insurtech Farm
P&C Insurtech Farm
Satellite and drone imagery are improving yields and reducing costs for farmers ...
March 26, 2020
Tech Plants Its Seeds in Farming
P&C Tech Plants Its Seeds in Farming
Q&A with Rom Aviv, Managing Director, Head of Insurance, Agritask
March 26, 2020
Nimble Regulation
Industry Nimble Regulation
Q&A with Michael Pieciak, Commissioner, Vermont Department of Financial Regulati...
February 25, 2020
Creative Spark
Industry Creative Spark
Q&A with Eugenio Gonzalez, Co-Director, Plug and Play Insurtech
October 29, 2019
Exit Strategy
Industry Exit Strategy
Prudential Financial buys Assurance IQ
October 29, 2019
Q&A with Austin Ledgerwood of Cover Genius
P&C Q&A with Austin Ledgerwood of Cover Genius
When people stop buying cars, they’ll still need insurance.
October 1, 2019
Modernizing Insurance Communication
Brokerage Ops Modernizing Insurance Communication
Q&A with Mike Greene, CEO & Co-Founder of Hi Marley
August 15, 2019
Unicorns Ahead
Industry Unicorns Ahead
Insurtech investments focus on later-stage rounds, larger sums.
August 15, 2019
Trade Credit Digital Market
P&C Trade Credit Digital Market
Trade credit insurance is seeing growth via an online marketplace.
July 12, 2019
Big Deals
Industry Big Deals
Dealmaking pushes one insurtech forward.
June 1, 2019
Empowering Consumers
Health+Benefits Empowering Consumers
Q&A with Andrei Pop, Founder & CEO, Human API
May 23, 2019
The Salesforce is with Applied
Brokerage Ops The Salesforce is with Applied
Applied Systems acquires TechCanary, leading CRM system built on Salesforce.com
May 16, 2019
Hidden Value
Brokerage Ops Hidden Value
Q&A with Andrew Robinson, Co-CEO, Groundspeed Analytics
April 24, 2019
Leader’s Edge Magazine Chats with Jason Keck
Podcasts Leader’s Edge Magazine Chats with Jason Keck
Q&A with the CEO of Broker Buddha.
March 27, 2019
Tech Builds Relationships
Industry Tech Builds Relationships
Snippets from our chat with Jason Keck, CEO of Broker Buddha.
March 27, 2019
Telematics Proves in Pilot
P&C Telematics Proves in Pilot
Philadelphia Insurance is expanding access to its GPS monitoring system after su...
March 1, 2019
Cyber Confidence
P&C Cyber Confidence
Q&A with Patrick Costello, Principal, Evolve MGA
March 1, 2019
Tech for Life
Health+Benefits Tech for Life
One life insurance company is going all in on the mobile health app movement.
January 22, 2019
Google Applies Itself
Brokerage Ops Google Applies Itself
Q&A with Reid French, CEO, Applied Systems
January 22, 2019
Thinking About Tomorrow
Industry Thinking About Tomorrow
NFP works with Tomorrow Ideas on app-based life insurance.
January 22, 2019
Hyper Scale
Industry Hyper Scale
Q&A with Timothy Attia, CEO and Co-Founder, Slice Labs
November 30, 2018
Incubating Insurance
Industry Incubating Insurance
Q&A with Jean Vernor, Head of Incubator, New Strategic Markets, Munich Reinsuran...
October 31, 2018
Breaking the Silence
P&C Breaking the Silence
The industry is raising the volume on hidden cyber risks.
October 31, 2018
Accelerating Change
Industry Accelerating Change
Q&A with Ingo Weber, Co-founder and Group CEO, Digital Insurance Group
September 27, 2018
Ounces of Prevention
P&C Ounces of Prevention
Internet-connected sensors are providing heavyweight savings.
September 27, 2018
Sensor Alert
Industry Sensor Alert
Millennial-run businesses are more likely to use sensors and other tech at work.
August 30, 2018
Blockchain Ecosystem
Brokerage Ops Blockchain Ecosystem
Q&A with Derek Lovrenich, Founder and CEO, and Phil Duncan, COO, of InsureEco Sy...
August 30, 2018
Agency Streamlining
Brokerage Ops Agency Streamlining
Q&A with Reid Holzworth, Founder and CEO, TechCanary
July 18, 2018
Tech Goes Techno
P&C Tech Goes Techno
ProSight uses DJ insurance as a gateway to a digital, gig-worker platform.
July 18, 2018
Tech at Work
Industry Tech at Work
Q&A with David Wald, Aclaimant Co-founder
May 22, 2018
Industry Blockchanges
Blockchain in use, cyber market growth
May 22, 2018
Blockchain Changes
Industry Blockchain Changes
Q&A with Pavel Bains, CEO of Singapore-based Bluzelle
May 1, 2018
Are ICOs the New IPOs?
Industry Are ICOs the New IPOs?
A hot initial public offering was the dream for the first generation of internet...
May 1, 2018
Insurtech Charges, Cyber Lags
Industry Insurtech Charges, Cyber Lags
Industry invests in one, struggles with the other.
March 28, 2018
Machines Learn Policy Review
Industry Machines Learn Policy Review
Chris Cheatham, Co-founder and CEO, RiskGenius
March 28, 2018
Data-Driven Care
Health+Benefits Data-Driven Care
Q&A with Jim Meadows, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Narus Health
February 28, 2018
Industry CrowBar
This insurtech startup sees brokers as essential.
February 28, 2018
Model Law Moving
P&C Model Law Moving
The NAIC data security model law moves to the states.
February 21, 2018
Technology Driven
Industry Technology Driven
Q&A with Ted Devine, CEO of Insureon
January 24, 2018
Telematics Goes Mobile
Industry Telematics Goes Mobile
Smart phone apps offer useful driving data.
December 4, 2017
Virtual Claims
Industry Virtual Claims
Q&A with CJ Przybyl, Co-Founder and President, Snapsheet
December 4, 2017
Tech Tackles Hurricane Claims
Industry Tech Tackles Hurricane Claims
Drones, phones and more in cat claims.
October 27, 2017
One Truth
Industry One Truth
Q&A with Jayant Khadilkar, Global Head of Analytics and Technology, TigerRisk Pa...
October 27, 2017
Let’s Chat!
Industry Let’s Chat!
Insurers are increasing use of digital voice assistants and chatbots.
October 2, 2017
On Demand
Industry On Demand
Q&A with Scott Walchek, Chief Executive & Founder, Trov
October 2, 2017
Broker Update
Industry Broker Update
Data breaches, cyber captives and the silent risk.
September 5, 2017
Broker-Friendly Benefits
Industry Broker-Friendly Benefits
Q&A with Kevin Dunn, CEO, Decisely
September 5, 2017
Safety Push
P&C Safety Push
Q&A with Peter Schermerhorn, COO, Triax Technologies
July 24, 2017
Blockchain Begins to Enter the Market
Industry Blockchain Begins to Enter the Market
Broker access is emerging. Business models may be affected.
July 19, 2017
10,000 Steps
Lifestyle 10,000 Steps
More companies are promoting fitness wearables to improve the health and safety ...
May 25, 2017
Cleaning Up
Industry Cleaning Up
Q&A with Alex Frommeyer, Co-Founder and CEO, Beam Dental
May 25, 2017
Insurtech Goes Global
Industry Insurtech Goes Global
New York and London aren’t the only hotspots.
April 28, 2017
Gaining Traction
Industry Gaining Traction
Q&A with Mark Breading, Partner, Strategy Meets Action
April 27, 2017
A Peeping Tom in Your Living Room
Lifestyle A Peeping Tom in Your Living Room
Smart technology is collecting your data.
March 29, 2017
Startups Reinvent Insurance
Industry Startups Reinvent Insurance
Q&A with Sabine VanderLinden, Managing Director, Startupbootcamp InsurTech
March 29, 2017
Digital Health Growing
Health+Benefits Digital Health Growing
A look at investments in digital health companies
February 27, 2017
Accelerating Innovation
Industry Accelerating Innovation
Q&A with John Heveran, SVP, CIO, Commercial Insurance, Liberty Mutual
February 27, 2017
Zombie Webcams
P&C Zombie Webcams
Q&A with Donald Light, Director, North American Property/Casualty Practice , Cel...
February 1, 2017
Beat the Bots
Lifestyle Beat the Bots
Video cameras and Web fridges form the new zombie army.
February 1, 2017
Holiday Gift Ideas
Lifestyle Holiday Gift Ideas
OK Google. Where’s my foldable drone?
November 30, 2016
Incubating Innovation
Industry Incubating Innovation
Q&A with Karen Furtado, Partner, Strategy Meets Action
November 30, 2016
Lifestyle Anti-Social?
Hacking is growing, with social media sites at risk.
October 26, 2016
Social Security
Brokerage Ops Social Security
Q&A with Patricia Kocsondy, VP, E&O Underwriting, Professional Risk, Chubb North...
October 26, 2016
Tech Briefing
Lifestyle Tech Briefing
The Boom in Cyber Risk
October 7, 2016
Zero Day
P&C Zero Day
Q&A with JLT Specialty USA and Stanford Securities Litigation Analytics
October 7, 2016
Tech  Briefing
Lifestyle Tech Briefing
Building Blockchains
August 29, 2016
Blockchain Means Business
Industry Blockchain Means Business
Q&A with Fei Zhang, Lead of Blockchain Projects at Allianz Group and Michael Eit...
August 29, 2016
Tech Briefing
Lifestyle Tech Briefing
Hypnotic, Informative Art
July 27, 2016
Q&A Dr. Louis Wicker
P&C Q&A Dr. Louis Wicker
Getting ahead of tornadoes
July 27, 2016
Tech Briefing
Lifestyle Tech Briefing
July 26, 2016
Robot Risk
Industry Robot Risk
Q&A with Bill Spiers, Vice President, Risk Control Strategies Practice Leader (S...
July 26, 2016
Tech Briefing
Lifestyle Tech Briefing
Wi-Fi to the Moon
May 2, 2016
Q&A with Jamie Macgregor
Industry Q&A with Jamie Macgregor
How are insurers doing in terms of providing the kind of digital experience cust...
May 2, 2016
Tech Briefing
Lifestyle Tech Briefing
Turmoil in the Twitterverse
April 1, 2016
Tech Briefing
Lifestyle Tech Briefing
Virtual Reality Gets Real
February 29, 2016
Q&A Guy Weismantel
Industry Q&A Guy Weismantel
Guy Weismantel, Vice President of Marketing, Vertafore
February 29, 2016
Is the iBurger Next?
Lifestyle Is the iBurger Next?
News and apps for tech-savvy takeout
February 1, 2016
Q&A with Randy Nornes
Industry Q&A with Randy Nornes
Randy Nornes, Executive Vice President Aon Risk Solutions
January 29, 2016
Tech Briefing December 2015
Lifestyle Tech Briefing December 2015
Holiday Kickoff
November 30, 2015
Q&A with Tom Srail
Industry Q&A with Tom Srail
Tom Srail, Willis Group, Regional Industry Leader, North America, Technology, Me...
November 30, 2015
Tech Briefing November 2015
Lifestyle Tech Briefing November 2015
Parking Spaces: Tech’s New Frontier
October 30, 2015
Q&A with Karen Furtado
Industry Q&A with Karen Furtado
Karen Furtado, Partner, Strategy Meets Action
October 30, 2015
Tech Briefing October 2015
Lifestyle Tech Briefing October 2015
October 1, 2015
Engage the Customer
Brokerage Ops Engage the Customer
Reid French, CEO, Applied Systems
October 1, 2015
Tech Briefing
Lifestyle Tech Briefing
Wild Roamers
August 27, 2015
Q&A with Chris Duncan
Health+Benefits Q&A with Chris Duncan
Chris Duncan, Chief Growth Officer, EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants
August 27, 2015
Tech Briefing
Lifestyle Tech Briefing
From cell phone to X-Box, Windows 10 will connect almost everything.
July 28, 2015
Storm Riders
P&C Storm Riders
Joe Cione, Lead Scientist, Coyote Unmanned Aircraft System National Oceanic and ...
July 28, 2015
Tech Briefing
Lifestyle Tech Briefing
It’s i-Time!
June 2, 2015
Q&A with Robert Peterson
Industry Q&A with Robert Peterson
Robert Peterson, Professor of Law, Santa Clara University School of Law
June 2, 2015
Cyber Sabotage
P&C Cyber Sabotage
Tom Reagan, Cyber Practice Leader, Marsh
April 30, 2015
Tech Briefing
Lifestyle Tech Briefing
No Truce in Net Neutrality Battle
April 30, 2015
Tech Briefing
Lifestyle Tech Briefing
From Sedan to Salon: A Living Room on Wheels
March 25, 2015
Q&A with Donald Light
Industry Q&A with Donald Light
Donald Light Director, North American Property/Casualty Practice, Celent
March 25, 2015
A Flood of Information
P&C A Flood of Information
Rob Newbold, Senior Vice President at AIR Worldwide
February 23, 2015
Q&A with Ben Beeson
Industry Q&A with Ben Beeson
Ben Beeson, Vice President of Cybersecurity and Privacy, Lockton Cos.
January 22, 2015
Tech Briefing
Lifestyle Tech Briefing
Tech Unwrapping
December 2, 2014
Q&A with Peggy Hellweg
Lifestyle Q&A with Peggy Hellweg
Peggy Hellweg, Ph.D., Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, University of Californi...
December 2, 2014
Tech Briefing November 2014
Lifestyle Tech Briefing November 2014
Private Eyes
October 27, 2014
Q&A with Chris Chan
Lifestyle Q&A with Chris Chan
Chris Chan, Creative Director, Health Imagination, Towers Watson
October 27, 2014
Tech Briefing September 2014
Lifestyle Tech Briefing September 2014
Wearable Health
September 30, 2014
Q&A with Tom Srail
Industry Q&A with Tom Srail
Tom Srail Executive Vice President, Practice Leader: Technology, Media and Telec...
September 30, 2014
Tech Briefing Sept. 2014
Lifestyle Tech Briefing Sept. 2014
Forget me not?
August 28, 2014
Tech Briefing July 2014
Lifestyle Tech Briefing July 2014
Charge It!
July 17, 2014
Tech Briefing June 2014
Lifestyle Tech Briefing June 2014
“Brick” Your Phone
May 29, 2014
Q&A with Shawn Ram
Brokerage Ops Q&A with Shawn Ram
Shawn Ram, National Technology Practice Leader, Aon Risk Solutions
May 29, 2014
Tech Briefing May 2014
Lifestyle Tech Briefing May 2014
Your Next Mobile Device: The Connected Car
April 28, 2014
Q&A with Edward Flanagan
Brokerage Ops Q&A with Edward Flanagan
Edward Flanagan, EVP, High-Tech Practice Leader, William Gallagher Associates
April 28, 2014
Q&A with Lauri Floresca
P&C Q&A with Lauri Floresca
Lauri Floresca, SVP, partner, Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.
March 1, 2014
Tech Briefing March 2014
Lifestyle Tech Briefing March 2014
Travel Proof Your Phone
March 1, 2014
Q&A with Craig Beattie
Industry Q&A with Craig Beattie
Craig Beattie, Senior Analyst, Celent
January 28, 2014
Tech Briefing January/February 2014
Lifestyle Tech Briefing January/February 2014
Let’s Hope Airplane Mode Is Still Required
January 28, 2014