Andrea De Bono

Andrea De Bono is a content associate for Leader's Edge. He joined The Council as market intelligence intern in 2019 after graduating from The George Washington University with a Master of Science in Finance and an MBA. He is from Milan, Italy.
Government Help Needed!
Industry Government Help Needed!
A snapshot of European recovery programs and new coverage approaches to pandemic...
November 1, 2020
Systemic Risks Require Cooperation
P&C Systemic Risks Require Cooperation
As systematic risks prove to be uninsurable for the private sector alone, public...
October 5, 2020
Q2 2020 Earnings at a Glance
Industry Q2 2020 Earnings at a Glance
And a look at our COVID-19 Loss Tracker
August 19, 2020
Is it Over Yet? 2020 Losses at a Glance
Industry Is it Over Yet? 2020 Losses at a Glance
Just halfway into 2020, insurers are already bracing for record-breaking losses
July 20, 2020
Industry Reports Q1 Results
Industry Industry Reports Q1 Results
Brokers focus on liquidity, carriers discuss underwriting losses and other conce...
May 26, 2020