Natural Catastrophe

Continuity Planning: Is Your Business Prepared?
P&C Continuity Planning: Is Your Business Prepared?
The case for a comprehensive business continuity management framework.
Sponsored By Nationwide September 8, 2021
Risks from the News
Industry Risks from the News
A lot happens in between newsletters—don’t miss our coverage of these trendi...
August 17, 2021
Hurricane Helper
P&C Hurricane Helper
Q&A with Olav Hollingsaeter, Founder and CEO, OceanTherm
June 1, 2021
When Loss Hits Home
P&C When Loss Hits Home
Four insurance executives share personal stories of loss and tribulation, which ...
November 30, 2020
Feels Like Home
P&C Feels Like Home
Q&A with Tim deRosa, Executive Vice President, High Net Worth, Orchid Insurance...
Sponsored By Orchid Insurance November 16, 2020
The Mother of Invention
P&C The Mother of Invention
Risk layering and public-private partnerships at work against natural catastroph...
November 1, 2020
Systemic Risks Require Cooperation
P&C Systemic Risks Require Cooperation
As systematic risks prove to be uninsurable for the private sector alone, public...
October 5, 2020
Insuring Wildfires: The Point of No Return?
P&C Insuring Wildfires: The Point of No Return?
California wildfires, a gray-rhino event, and what they can tell us about the fu...
October 5, 2020
Energy Sector Battles Laura
P&C Energy Sector Battles Laura
How the oil and gas industry prepared to take on the strongest storm to make lan...
September 22, 2020
Parametrics as a Service
P&C Parametrics as a Service
Q&A with Inder-Jeet Gujral, Founder and CEO, Machine Cover
September 22, 2020