Lifestyle Travel Briefcase the July/August 2020 issue

Wellness Now & Then

Five products to maintain wellness at home and when you’re back on the road.
By Carrie Williamson Posted on July 9, 2020


TRX Suspension Trainer Developed by a Navy SEAL who created the first version of the TRX using a jujitsu belt and parachute webbing, this workout system can be set up anywhere. Easy to install—anchor the suspension straps to a door or other stable structure—it allows you to use your body weight to perform strengthening exercises that tone muscle and improve balance. TRX has developed a following among coaches and athletes, some of whom demonstrate a variety of workouts on the TRX YouTube Channel.


Hugger Mugger Tapas Ultra Yoga Mat This lightweight yoga mat (2.5 pounds) is an extra-cushiony version of the company’s original, sturdy, sticky Tapas Mat, a cult favorite designed specifically for yoga. Comes in two lengths and four colors: burgundy, indigo, eggplant, slate.


Allbirds Tree Dasher Running Shoes This San Francisco-based company has developed a reputation among travelers for its comfy shoes made of renewable materials that don’t require time to wear in. Its newest addition is the Tree Dasher lightweight running shoe. Tested by amateur and pro athletes over the course of a year, it is made of eucalyptus tree and wool, has a cushioned sugarcane midsole, and is squishy so it doesn’t take up much room in your suitcase.


Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle As shown above, this collapsible water bottle is made of food-grade silicone and BPA-free plastic and is reusable so you can do your part to decrease the number of single-use plastic bottles littering the planet. It collapses down to just over an inch so you can stash it in your pocket or carry-on. Comes in several sizes and cool colors.


Caudalíe Instant Detox Mask This clay mask from the Parisian skin and body products company Caudalíe is made of 99% natural ingredients. It cleanses skin impurities in just 10 minutes, making it a quick way to tame stressed skin. In addition to looking and feeling refreshed, the light scent of lavender, parsley and chamomile evokes a trip to the spa.

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