Lifestyle Travel Briefcase the March 2021 issue

Spring Break Beckons

Your remote work playcation packing list
By Carrie Williamson Posted on February 23, 2021

Blue Bottle Coffee Expand your coffee horizons with a Blue Bottle Coffee subscription. There’s a whole bean coffee subscription for every palate—single source, an assortment of organic blends, or an espresso single source or blend. Coffee is shipped (complimentary) within 24 hours of roasting so it’s super fresh. Order before you leave town so you can take your primo coffee with you. Subscriptions start at $11 with deliveries every one, two, three or four weeks.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Jeopardy! Board Game In memory of Alex Trebek, the beloved host of “Jeopardy!” for 37 seasons, take this board game along for a night of nostalgic fun. The Outset Media Games Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition includes 250+ category cards for the Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy! rounds and a Final Jeopardy! deck. There are six card stands so you can create the game show effect, a hotel-style bell that acts as the buzzer, and fake cash. Enough cards for 18 games. Available at most box stores. $30+

Paravel Packing Cube Quad Packing for a month is a challenge. These four cubes come in three sizes, making it easy to organize your clothes and unpack. They fit neatly in a suitcase, so you also save space. Made from 16 recycled plastic water bottles (nice!), they come in stylish colors like Safari Green and Scuba Navy. Monogramming available. $65

Pulltap’s Classic Corkscrew Don’t leave home without the corkscrew of choice for sommeliers and waiters around the world, the Pulltap’s. Made in Sabadell, Spain, once a center for the metal industry, this compact corkscrew makes opening a bottle of wine effortless. The angle of the spiral is calibrated to ensure entrance at the center. The Teflon-coated corkscrew slides into the cork without resistance, whether it is natural or synthetic. The double nickel-plated hinged lever allows you to extract the cork without struggling. Prices start at $7.99 for the Classic. Comes in a variety of colors, finishes and patterns.

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