A Look Back on 2019

Some of the stories you’ll return to in 2020 and beyond.
By Zach Ewell Posted on December 20, 2019


Beyond Words (April 2019)
3D printers can now print everything from low income housing to personalized prosthetics. Insurance is leading the way in standardizing this developing tech.


Caught Off Guard…and Online (January 2019)
Keep your data safe. Our personal technology is vulnerable— not only in a hotel room safe, but also tucked in our pockets walking down the street.


The Doctor Is In (March 2019)
Local barbers in Maryland are teaming with healthcare providers and insurers to take on colon cancer through population health initiatives.


Hiding in Plain Sight (November 2019)
Social determinants of health are finally being identified as major factors affecting life expectancy and quality of life.


What’s Your Bias? (December 2019)
Emerging technology can help uncover inherent bias in the work place.

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