Health+Benefits the November 2019 issue

A New Generation of Benefits

These tech-focused companies are revamping healthcare coverage.
By Katie Oberkircher Posted on November 1, 2019

Aging populations, chronic diseases, wasteful spending, and shifting patient expectations coupled with increasing costs are forcing industry stakeholders to innovate to continue to provide quality-driven, affordable care.

To do that, healthcare industry incumbents and new market entrants are turning to technological solutions. Health tech is any kind of IT tool, software or other technologically enabled innovation designed to impact how efficiently and effectively healthcare is delivered.

Given the large scope of tools available, we’re developing a four-part series to help shed some light on the tech-enabled employee benefit options available for your clients. In part one, we’re focusing on companies affecting the cost and quality of healthcare through the broker channel. We collaborated with Dave Kerrigan of BenefitPitch, a software tool designed to crowdsource early- and mid-stage companies selling products and services to self-funded employers, benefit brokers, and consultants. With his tool we created this list, a flavor of what’s out there.

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