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6 Tech Gadgets to Make Your Life Just That Much Easier

The future is here, and it’s turning your regular laptop into a touchscreen. (Yeah, we know!)
By Leader's Edge Staff Posted on September 16, 2019


Skyroam Global Wifi
Travel worldwide at ease with Skyroam’s reliable, unlimited global Wi-Fi device. It fits in your pocket and connects up to five devices at once.


Air Bar
Tired of using your computer’s tiny touchpad to navigate your spreadsheets? This portable plug-in turns your laptop screen into a touchscreen. Voilà!


Yoshi App
Car maintenance delivered to your home—for $16 per month. Need we say more?


Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses
Look good and listen to your favorite music at the same time (isn’t that always the goal?). These sunglasses come with built in Bose speakers—not headphones or earbuds—but actual speakers. If that’s not impressive enough, you’re only one who can hear them.


Criacr Phone Camera Lens
Criacr upgrades your phone’s camera into the high-tech camera you’ve always wanted. These lenses are small and easy to attach, increase your phone’s zoom capacity and provide more camera angle options.


VR Headset
Virtual reality is ushering in new generation of gaming. This top-of-the-line headset allows users to experience game play in an immersive and user-focused way. No extra accessories needed—open up the box and enter a whole new world.

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