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“Hi, This is Lightning McQueen…

Headline Humor
By Jonathan Spence Posted on January 15, 2020

Answer brought up during an intense GameSpot After Dark podcast, where they attempted to determine if Lightning McQueen, from the popular animated film Cars, would need car insurance or life insurance.

That’s One Pricey Bag, Lady.

“It’s sort of like a rich person problem. They couldn’t comprehend that a bag could be that much.”

Lawyer Alexandra Errico after the insurer of a country club—where a clumsy waiter spilled red wine down her client’s $30,000 Hermès handbag—stopped responding to her. –

Bad Hair Say

“I think it’s quite a shameful thing to have a mustache. Unless you work in insurance or something really, really straight and it’s like, ‘Yeah, I accept the mustache on you.’”

Actor Robert Pattinson explaining the rules of mustache acceptance, rules he feels validated to provide since he grew a serious ’stache while filming The Lighthouse. –

Insurance Bless America

“We have to be very careful that we don’t pay [the reward to] the villains.”

Philip Austin from the insurer for Blenheim Palace, where a fully functional solid gold toilet—named “America” and valued at $6 million—was recently stolen. A reward of up to $124,000 has been offered for the safe return of the artwork, payable only if arrests are made.CNN

Questioning a Bill of Health

“The food was good tonight, so I don’t mind paying for the health insurance for the guy who made my sushi. Wait, what?”

Tweet by sports analyst Darren Rovell, struggling with the idea that the upscale sushi joint he dined at added a $1.69 charge on his bill to pay for employees’ health insurance, which Rovell took offense to while paying for his $94.29 dinner for

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