Lifestyle Exclusive the May 2020 issue

Not Letting This One Slide

Headline Humor
By Jonathan Spence Posted on April 27, 2020

Richard Hiscocks, an Aviva claims director, regarding a bodybuilder who claimed a fall left him afraid of heights but was then caught on camera riding Spain’s Verti-Go, a 108-foot waterslide. –

Sinking Sensations

“I’m disappointed Shane has placed himself in this position.”

Tampa police chief Brian Dugan speaking about a fellow officer, Sgt. Shane Gadoury, who found himself on the other side of the handcuffs after insuring his boat, which seems innocent enough on its own, except he did it hours after the boat sank. – Tampa Bay Times

Heartbreak Hotel

“The trigger point to claims is the cancellation of the planned event. While no one can promise complete healing of a broken heart in one night, we’ll certainly help you take the first steps.”

Lorenzo Chan Jr., CEO of Philippine insurtech Saphron, on what triggers its popular heartbreak coverage, which sends you to a luxurious hotel if your wedding or anniversary celebration is called off at the last second. –

Mugging For The Camera

“The room temperature is correct, and the place is insured.”

Grandmaster Flash—one of the first rappers inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame—talking not about his wine cellar but about the special room that houses his 5,000-plus collection of souvenir mugs. –

Bimmer Bummer

“I actually bought the insurance the day before yesterday. It was a complete coincidence—it’s definitely not an insurance scam. I’m trying to cope with the idea that I’ve just lost upwards of £5,000. In a way, the only thing you can do is laugh. There has been a lot of people taking pictures as it floated down the river.”

James Roycroft-Davis after watching the BMW he purchased just days before drift down the Thames after an unexpected flash flood. –

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